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Yves Gaucher

Yves Gaucher was born Montréal in 1934. he attended the École des Beaux-Arts, from 1954-56. The following year he returned to study printmaking under Albert Dumouchel. He created a new controversial technique of heavy embossing.

Yves Gaucher's abstract artworks make reference to human experience and feelings through an understanding of the aesthetic qualities of line, colour, texture, light and volume. 

In 1957, he had his first solo show at the Galerie l'échange in Montréal. 

In 1960 he was the founding president of Associations des Peintures-Gravures de Montréal.

In 1962, he received a grant from the Canada Council to travel Europe. In Paris, he discovered the music of Anton Webern, which would radically alter his perception of sound and images in space. It is believed this realization led him to break free of rational geometric relationships using irregular patterning, colours, and contrasts.

In 1964, he began to stray from print-making and began examining the art of the New York Modernists such as Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko.

Gaucher's interest turned to mathematical relationships. He used elements of symmetry and pattern to explore the surface of the canvas. Later, he explored unusual spatial relationships, which evolved into monochrome works.

In 1970, Gaucher began creating colour band painting experimenting with different types of lines, colour contrast and disrupted rhythm.

Gaucher taught at Concordia Univeristy, Montréal. In 1980 was nominated to the Order of Canada. He is a member of The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. 

Gaucher died in Montréal in 2000. 


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