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Roger Savage

Roger Savage was born in 1941, Windsor, Ontario. Savage went to the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design from 1946 to 1959 and later he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mount Alison University.

Savage spent a year in Maiaga, Spain painting and drawing. In 1966, he returned to Canada and became an art specialist in the Montréal School System.

In 1969, Savage moved to Liverpool, Nova Scotia and focused on painting full time.

Savage spent much of the rest of his life travelling. He worked in Germany from 1971-1975 and Ireland from 1991-1998. He would make frequent visits back to Canada for workshops and artist residencies. 

Currently Savage lives in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, he has his own gallery, the Savage Gallery. He is a member of The Royal Canadian Academy.