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Roger-François Thépot

Roger-François Thépot was born in Landeleau Finistère, France in 1925.

He was mostly self taught beginning painting in 1941. His subjects were often landscapes and still-lifes, he enjoyed using dark colours. 

In 1947 he moved to Paris and shifted his focus to ceramics for several years. It wasn't until around 1950 he resumed painting, and this time he was more interested in exploring abstraction. 

Thépot became a designer and manager at the Théâtre de Poche in Paris, in 1953. He conitnued his own artistic practice as well.

Thépot has exhibited internationally. He was a member of The Royal Canadian Academy and  one of the founding members of the group "Mesure"  in Paris in 1961. 

In 1964 he recevied a grant from the Arts Council of Canada and moved to Toronto. While in Toronto he taught for several years at the Ontario College of Art. 

He died in 2003. 

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