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Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman, was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1930.  He was always interested in art, but never intended to make a living from it. He was fascinated by the natural world in his childhood, recording the sightings of birds he would see around his house in Toronto. The Group of Seven played an inspirational role in Batemans artistic development, although he was also interested abstract art. It was not until the 1960s that realism became Batemans' style of choice.

In 1954, he graduated with a degree ingeography from Victoria College in the University of Toronto. Afterwards, he attended Ontario College of Education. Bateman became a high school art and geography teacher for several years, still painting in his free time. In 1970s and 1980s that his work started to receive major recognition and drew large crowds, a great accomplishment for a living artist.  

Over his career Bateman has created paintings, drawings, sculptures, etchings, and lithographs. At 84, Robert maintains a demanding schedule between painting, public events and his relentless advocacy for nature.

His art has gained wide popularity and he is recognized as one of the best Canadian naturalists painters. Often his works comment on the state of our planet. The Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria British Columbia displays a permanent collection of his work, they also facilitate programs that support Bateman's love for nature and environmental education. 

Bateman's honours and awards are numerous, including Officer of the Order of Canada, and The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. He has been awarded twelve honorary doctorates and has three schools named after him




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