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Pavvo Airola

Paavo was born in Karelia, Finland in 1918. He studied in Stockholm, Sweden at the Gruenwald School of Art, the Otle Skold’s Art School and the Academie Libte. During his adulthood he travelled and studied in Paris, Denmark, Holland, England, Russia and Mexico.

In 1952 he emigrated to Canada and settled in Colborne, Ontario. He worked as an art teacher conducting art classes in Trenton, Belleville and Cobourg. Paavo is primarily a painter of landscapes and portraits, he has expressed himself in simplified, puristic abstract and non-objective styles.

Before he became an artist, Dr. Airola studied in Europe, biochemistry, nutrition and natural healing. He has authored over fourteen books. During his lifetime, mainstream medicine regarded Dr. Airola as a controversial figure, presenting therapeutic approaches which challenged traditional medicine. His views have become more widely accepted in recent decades, such as the efficacy of antioxidants against free-radical action.

Paavo is part of RCA, CSPWC, OSA, Colour and Form Society of Toronto (past President), International Institute of Arts and Letters.

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