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Ozias Leduc

Ozias Leduc was born in Saint-Hilaire, Québec in 1864. He began working in 1883 as a statue painter at the T. Carli studio in Montréal. He apprenticed in church mural painting with the Italian artist and set designer Luigi Capello in Montréal and with painter and sculptor Adolphe Rho in Yamamiche, Québec.  

Leduc's produced both religious and secular works. His secular works were often landscapes, and genre portraits. It has been said that Leduc taught Paul-Émile Borduas and influenced Jean-Paul Riopelle, two significant Canadian painters themselves. His religious works, often murals decorated numerous churches throughout Canada. It is believed he completed over 100 murals in his lifetime. 

From 1891 onward Leduc participated in numerous exhibitions at the Art Association of Montréal, in Ottawa, and Toronto.

In 1897 he spent several months in Paris he developing his painting techniques and incorporating sumbolism into his works. He became a member of The Royal Canadian Academy. 

He died Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec in 1955. 

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