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Michael Snow

Michael Snow was born in 1929 in Toronto, Ontario. He attended the Ontario College of Art specializing in industrial design. During this time he was part of a jazz group, he played piano and painted during his free time.  

In 1952 upon graduating he began travelling in Europe for over a year.  

His first solo exhibition was at the Avrom Isaacs’ Greenwich Gallery in Toronto, Ontario.

He worked for Graphics Film for some time, where he met his wife.  

In the early 1960’s he settled, with his wife, in New York where he continued his painting practice. He produced an eleven-part sculpture on the 'Walking Woman' for the Ontario pavilion at Expo’67 in Montréal. 

Snow returned to Toronto in 1972.

His work has been exhibited internationally. He was part of the the Venice Biennale in 1970, Documenta 6, 1977,  and Centre Pompidou, in Paris 2002-03, among others.

Snow has earned numerous international awards and titles and his works in all media are found in public collections around the world. 


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