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Frederick Bourchier Taylor

Frederick Bourchier Taylor was born in Ottawa, Ontario in 1906. He studied in Montréal at McGill University’s School of Architecture. Upon graduating he worked as an architect for a number of years, he later discovered printmaking which marked the beginning of his artistic career. 

Between 1934 and 1937, he studied at the University of London’s Goldsmith’s College of Art, the London Central School of Arts & Crafts and the Byam Shaw School of Drawing, Painting & Design. He studied drawing, etching, and lithography. He took breaks in between his studies, at one point he was commissioned to etch portraits of Canada's Prime Ministers. 

In 1936, he traveled to Scotland and Scandinavia, and exhibited at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, in London.

In 1937, Taylor settled in Montréal with his wife, and established himself as a portrait painter.

In 1939, Taylor began a campaign to persuade the Government to support a war art project during the second world war that would document the war industry workers at home, he had many supporters. Unfortunately his aspirations to be a designated war artist at home never flourished, however he still depicted many scenes during this time documenting the home-front efforts.  

Taylor taught drawing and sculpture at the School of Architecture at McGill.

He exhibited widely in Canada, the United States, England and Mexico. He had over ten solo exhibits and was a member of The Royal Canadian Academy. His work is part of the collection at The Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, among others. 

Taylor died in 1987. 

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