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Frances Anne Johnston

Frances Anne Johnston in Toronto, Ontario in 1910. She attended the North Toronto Collegiate and at the Ontario College of Art where she won two scholar­ships.

In 1934, with her husband, Johnston settled in Toronto. 

Her career began with a focus on landscape painting, en plein air, however after the birth of her daughters her painting resumed indoors with her subject matter shifting to still lifes and interior scenes.

She is recognized as one of Canada's most accomplished artists for her Christmas cards. She also completed a series of Canadian Wild Flower studies for Murray's Restaurants. her images were reproduced as part of the decoration for the menus.

In 1941 Johnston and her family moved to Montréal briefly. In 1958 they returned to Toronto.

She has exhibited with the Royal Canadian Academ, an elected associate in 1949 and academician in 1963. She is represented in a number of galleries including the Roberts Gallery and the Eaton's Fine Art Gallery in Toronto, as well as The Wallack Galleries, in Ottawa.

She died in 1987. 


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