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Charles Jefferys

Charles William Jefferys was born in 1869 in Rochester, England. 

Jefferys was a strong advocate of artistic nationalism, his works often depicted historical scenes and Canadian landscapes.

His career began working as newspaper artist in 1889. He served as an illustrator on the New York Herald from 1893-1901, and as art editor of the satirical periodical The Moon for a year in 1902. He was appointed chief illustrator of the Toronto Star in 1905 and art director of Toronto Star Weekly in 1910. Following employment with notable publishers he began a free-lance career.

Jeffreys taught at the School of Architecture and The Universirty of Toronto during the years of 1911-39. He was a member of The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, and much of his work is often reproduced due it's authenticity and beauty depicting Canadian society. 

He died in Toronto in 1951. 

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