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Bruno Bobak

Bronislaw Josephus Bruno Bobak was born in 1923 in Poland, and immigrated with his family to Ontario Canada in 1925.  His interest in art can be traced back to the age of thirteen while he attended Saturday morning classes under Arthur Lismer in Toronto. He also studied with Gordon Webber at the Art Gallery of Toronto, and with Carl Schaefer and Elizabeth Wyn Wood at the Central Technical School, Toronto. 

Bobak served in the Canadian Army as an official war artist from 1944-46. He deposited around 105 paintings and drawings with the Canadian War Collection. During his time as a war artist Bobak met his future wife, Molly Lamb, another official war artist. They married in 1945 and settled in Vancouver. Following their marriage he went east for two years working as a designer for the Canadian Government.

He taught at the Vancouver School of Art from 1947-57.  Along with teaching he completed a mural showcasing forms and subjects he felt depicted the West Coast spirit. He was the artist in residence at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton from 1960-61. From 1962-88 he was the director of the Art Centre in Fredericton.  

In 1956 he embarked on an adventure with his wife, covering over eight thousand miles. They stopped at various locations to sketch, ending up in New York.

In 1957 he was awarded a Canadian Government Overseas Senior Fellowship, he studied at The City and Guilds of London, England for one year.

In 1973, he became a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. In 1983, the Sir George Williams Art Galleries and Concordia University organized a touring retrospective of his work. 

He has also explored pottery, metal work, furniture making, and textile printing. His paintings are often recog­nized as an expressionist works, his subject matter often flowers and landscapes. He has also worked in oils, water colours, and pro­duced woodcuts and pen-and-ink drawings. 



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