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Bruce Le Dain

Bruce Le Dain was born in 1928. From an early age he participated in the International Childrens Art Exhibition in 1936, and by 1946 he enrolled in the Sir George Williams University. In 1949 his work was exhibited at The Montréal Museum of fine arts Spring show.  

He worked in the field of graphic design, winning a number of awards, for several years before dedicating himself fully to painting.

His landscapes have been admired internationally, his quick brush strokes and minimalist approach creates scenes ever so familiar. He worked in oil paint and often noted members of the Group of Seven inspired him. 

His works can be found at The Walter Klinkhoff Gallery in Montréal, and are part of numerous corporate and private collections. 

He died in 2000. 

In 2007 The Bruce Le Dain Fine Arts Award was established.  

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