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Armand Tatossian

Armand Tatossian was born in 1948 in Alexandria, Egypt. Upon his arrival in Canada he studied under artists G. Mazjner and Sherriff-Scott. He later travelled to Paris studying briefly at École des Beaux-Arts with Jean Carzou. He then went to Bergamo, in Italy exploring mural techniques at Carrarra Academy. 

He was Professor of Art at Loyola College in Montréal and Concordia University. He spent most of his life in Montréal where he had a personal studio.

Much of his work captured the beautiful landscapes of the Montréal countryside. He often painted 'en plein air'. Occasionally Tatossian would create still life works. 

Tatossian was the youngest member ever accepted to the Royal Candian Academy in 1973. 

His works have been exhibited international and are part of many private, and public collections such as the National Gallery of Canada, Musée du Quebec, Musée de Joliette, Musée Laurier, National Gallery of Athens, National Gallery of Boston, and Galerie Q. 

He died in 2012.

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