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Albert H. Robinson

Albert Henry Robinson was born in 1881 in Hamilton, Ontario. He worked for the Hamilton Times as a chalk plate artist during the day and studied with John S. Gordon during the evenings.

In 1903, Robinson left for Paris and continued his training at the Julian Academy with Bouguereau and Bachet, and then with Ferrier at the École des Beaux-Arts.

Following his studies he returned to Hamilton and was hired as an assitant for John S. Gordon. He later became an instructor at the Hamilton Art School.

In 1906 Robinson sold his first piece of work. In 1908 The Davis' a couple from Montréal fell in love with Robinson's work and urged him to make the move to Montréal, he did and met notable artists such as A.Y. Jackson among others.

Between 1918 and 1933, Robinson and A.Y. Jackson travelled along the shores of the St. Lawrence and in the Laurentians painting 'en plein air'.

He became a member of The Royal Canadian Academy and was known best for his landscape paintings. 

Robinson died in 1956. 

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