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Why Cavan Monaghan is becoming Ontario’s Next Arts Destination

Why Cavan Monaghan is becoming Ontario’s Next Arts Destination

Just ten minutes from Peterborough, Ontario in a little place called Cavan Monaghan there sits three incredible galleries nestled in the rolling hills and exquisite landscape of Peterborough County. This humble yet distinct township is expecting some serious growth in the next years to come. With over five hundred homes being built in Millbrook and the 407 extending its reach to this community, there is going to big change for the area.

It’s no question that people are fleeing big cities like Toronto in search of a slower pace and a real chance to enjoy the land that Eastern Canada has to offer. So what can this area provide to newcomers? How can three galleries propel the cultural landscape forward?

This story begins five years ago, with the creation of Galerie Q. The concept was always to cultivate an arts hub in this region and provide a community dedicated to the sharing and illumination of art. Something you may not have known is that the owner of the gallery has always been an avid collector of French-Canadian works. It made sense when the gallery opened five years ago that this would be the focus.

In addition to the owner’s passion for the arts, the intention was also to provide a space to give back. The gallery operates as a Not for Profit, and its mandate has always been to donate at the end of every calendar year to various charities and organizations in Peterborough and the Kawarthas. Galerie Q also hosts Fundraising Events in support of local organizations like Yes Shelter, The New Canadian Centre and Crime Stoppers of Canada as well as many others.   

The motivation for creating an Arts Destination spot was inspired by the owner’s personal experience in Baie-Saint-Paul, the art hub of Quebec. Galleries line up one next to another with wall to wall paintings representing the incredibly vast region. The city itself is situated at the mouth of the Gouffre River. Brightly coloured store-fronts illuminate the river and create a culture that is unlike any other in the region. So why not try to adapt this concept in Cavan Monaghan. A municipality that much like Baie-Saint-Paul is situated in the country, off the main road, in a place that is reflective of it’s landscape.

When Galerie Q opened five years ago, it paved the way for other local and emerging galleries to join the arts community as well. Cavan Art Gallery was the second gallery to open in Cavan Monaghan, over two years ago now. Owner, Valerie Kent exhibits artworks by local artists with a focus on Landscape, figurative and abstract art. Not only does Kent’s gallery operate as an exhibition space but she also offers educational art classes, workshops and courses, building a facility that caters to all aspects of the community.

Almost five months ago now, The Millbrook Gallery opened its doors December 9th, 2017. Located in the heart of downtown Millbrook on 36 King Street, the gallery stands tall with a vibrant blue exterior and exposed brick adorned with an exquisite selection of artworks. A cosmopolitan of style and genre, The Millbrook Gallery exhibits works by emerging and well established Canadian Artists post WWI. The concept of this space was to provide works that accommodate all style and budget up to $1000 per artwork. There is something for everyone and so far the reception has been incredible.   

It’s not often that a succession of three galleries open up within five years of each other, but by March of 2018, Cavan Monaghan is well on its way to becoming a designated Arts Destination. While Galerie Q was certainly the catalyst to much of the regions artistic growth, it is the dedication of all three galleries together that propel this concept forward and encourage other establishments to join in.

Visit Galerie Q, Cavan Arts and The Millbrook Gallery Today and support the arts in your community. Right now, each gallery is hosting Spring Tours so sign up today and see some of the incredible exhibitions lined up for 2018. Galerie Q and The Millbrook Gallery have recently launched their online collection for purchase. This month only, you can order any artwork of your choice and receive free shipping world.

A lot to look forward to in 2018 so stay tuned and make sure to visit all three galleries today, you won’t be disappointed.




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