Russian Canadian Olga Muzychko is hyperaware of her urban surroundings: soundscapes, sightscapes, urban flux. She sees. She hears. She absorbs. She adapts. “…the world of art is ever changing,” Muzychko observes. “There are…different experiences to react to. An artist must change as the world is changing.” Muzychko grew up in an artistic family on the coast of the Black Sea in Russian. Surrounded by literature, instruments and paintings, Muzychko developed her love for the arts.

Muzychko herself is in flux, either physically through travel or mentally through memory. She relives what she sees and hears through her paintings: people, landscapes, architecture. She began her art studies in Russia and continued her learning at the Toronto School of the Arts after moving to Canada. In combination with realistic principles that she developed in Russia, she draws her inspiration from her surroundings: “my teacher is nature itself—its beauty is everywhere.”

Beginning with a blank still surface, Muzychko relives her memories with paint, memories taken from everywhere’s beauty. Her work allows viewers to catch glimpses of stillness within pulsating moments of urban flux.