R.C.A Armand Tatossian: Artist of the Century


Armand Tatossian (1951-2012), was a Canadian-Armenian artist who had the honour of being the youngest member ever accepted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA) in 1973. Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Tatossian was descended from a long line of artists. Some of his early teachers included his father, Charles Garo Tatossian, the Serbian sculptor Jose Majzner, as well as the respected portraitist and muralist Adam Sherriff-Scott. In 1970, he travelled to Paris to study under the famous French painters Jean Carzou, Bernard Buffet, and Jean Jansem.

Following the Academy des Beaux-Arts, Tatossian studied mural technique at the Carrara Academy in Italy. His artistic energy was largely expressed in oil on canvas paintings of varied subject matter, and featured the ever so distinctive style dubbed ‘Tatossianisme'. Tatossian's unique artistic style received international exposure through exhibitions and museum collections worldwide. See Armand's works on Exhibit Now