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Galerie Q Blog is dedicated to sharing and inspiring those interested in Art with the latest in news and opinions in regard to Canadian art scene. Galerie Q Blog is a venue for connecting and informing all parties involved in Arts including, artists, art collectors, art dealers, art auction houses and private and public galleries of Galerie Q's event and exhibition updates.

All about Q

All about Q

The marriage of baby blue, soft white and royal yellow swirled across a canvas to create the perfect sunrise setting. The layers of an image, not all at once seen, but when brought together ignite a reaction and feeling. The painting that leaves a lasting impression.These are the things that art can inspire and one of the reasons Galerie Q was established.

We believe arts and culture have the power to change and influence lives and communities through education in a positive way and as a not for profit, social enterprise our goal is to achieve this through programming of exhibitions, exploring the diversity of culture and by revisiting history to generate curiosity and productive public debates. As we are inspired, we wish for you to be as well. With a focus on French Canadian artwork, our gallery currently features paintings by Ginet Leblond, Antoine Dumas, Francesco Iacurto, Bruno Cote and as of January, RCA painter Claude Picher (1927-1998).

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