Paule Lagacé is part of a new generation of painters who experiment with all forms of creativity to innovate. For Lagacé, painting is the pursuit of life. The most important thing is the expression of her characters, what they release, their emotion, their personality, their topicality. They live today and advance with her through life.

Born in Chicoutimi in 1951, Paule Lagacé comes from a family where painting has always been highly considered. Her father showed a keen interest for the works of Quebec artists and she had ample opportunities to mingle with numerous painters throughout her childhood. She was always encouraged to express her creativity without constraint, which may explain the personal character of her art.

Lagacé paints subjects that tell a story of her earliest and most tender memories. In each of her characters, there are traces of her own experience. Without constraint, Lagacé allows herself to be vulnerable with her art and in turn, her viewers are given the space to reflect on their own memories. Visit Galerie Q and see Lagacé's works on exhibit now.