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Pei Yang: Artist To Collect



New to the Q collection is artist Pei Yang who is an Emmy award winning filmmaker and visual artist living in Montreal. Pei Yang was born in Yang Zhou, China in 1971. In 1994 he came to Canada and studied fine art at the Ottawa School of Art an Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada. Pei Yang is a colourist. He seeks to explore the complexities and subtle movement found within nature by using rapid brushwork and a generous application of paint to express the vibrancy he see’s.

Pei Yang paints a myriad of scenes ranging from landscapes and flower groupings to unique still life compositions and abstracts that are highly praised. Vigorous and decisive ink-like brushstrokes in his abstract scenes give depth to elements that are depicted with a palette of distinct hues of both rich and cool colours such as ochre and indigo.

Since 1989 his paintings have been shown at galleries, government halls and international film festivals in Canada and China. One cannot help but admire the sensorial quality to his paintings abundant in colour and light. His use of bold colours and distinct texture bring each composition together in a harmonious way. 

See his works on exhibit now at Galerie Q.

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