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Nathalie Voisine: Artist to Collect

Nathalie Voisine: Artist to Collect

                                                                                              Nathalie Voisine. Brume ou mirage. Acrylic on Canvas. 22x28". 


This month we pick contemporary Quebec painter Nathalie Voisine as an Artist to Collect. 

“I let the forms appear. From the pitted textures of the canvases and transparency of paints, a character is born. My imaginations and emotions guide my colourful creations.” - Nathalie Voisine

Nathalie Voisine paints in a distinct style: saturated colours, gestural brush strokes, figurative portraits that border abstraction. 

Born in Québec, Voisine studied at Sainte-Hélène de Kamouraska. Upon graduating, she moved from urban Québec City to rural Baie-Saint-Laurent where she continues to feel connected with nature; the trees, the grass, the rivers, the sky. Fueling her passion, nature continues to inspire her work.

Nature is not the only source of Voisine’s inspiration. Her unique style originates first from imagination. She begins many of her work with a single gesture, from her imagination. She determines her subject as soon as her imagination meets colour.

“My creative process, beginning with simple random movements across the canvas, without the subject being determined in advance under the impulse takes life with a stroke of a color or movement.”

Voisine received an honour of recognition at Rêves d’Automne in Baie-Saint-Paul in 2012. Voisine had her first major solo in 2014 at the Musée regional de Kamouraska. Entitled, A History To Watch, the exhibition showcased 17 of Voisine’s paintings: landscapes and subjects from Kamouraska history.

“I leave forms apparaîtrent, vibration background, textures punctuated transparency, are often up to the birth of a character, to create an emotion in my colourful imagination.”

Visit our Q collections Tab on the website and view our online collection for an in depth look at this contemporary Quebec artist.  

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