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Magical Realism: Guy Paquet

Magical Realism: Guy Paquet

                                                                                                         Guy Paquet. Untitled. 38x40". Oil on Canvas. 


“When I am far from my colors, far from the smells of the studio, then I want to be there to find this world of pleasure where my fantasies, my memories, this mixture of past and present are. I scaffold these images embroidered with sensations, atmosphere and thoughts.” – Guy Paquet

There is a mysterious and intriguing quality to Guy Paquet’s landscapes.

It is almost as though you were a child looking up at the stars and witnessing them for the first time. Paquet recreates this sensation of wonder through paint. Born in Quebec City in 1949, Paquet was always fascinated by the way people would inhabit spaces. As a self taught artist, he sought to capture the beauty that surrounded him on canvas. His paintings evolved into stunning landscapes which encompassed the mysticism of space and his deep love for the outdoors.

Influenced largely by Quebec artist Jean-Paul Lemieux, Paquet adapted his own style and treatment of landscape called magical realism. Finding comfort in Lemieux’s seemingly infinite Landscapes, Paquet wanted to evoke that same sense of mystery. His career as a painter developed naturally, beginning with small local shows and hometown galleries. As his artwork became more recognized, Paquet started exhibiting in galleries all across Montreal and internationally to Paris. For over 30 years, Paquet’s style remained constant. Today, he is considered among one of the top contemporary masters of the 20th century.

As he continues to paint, we continue to be captivated by the way he follows the light and its movements. Art had always been a way for Paquet to express the vastness of space and the passage of time. 

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