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Ginet Leblond : Old & New

Ginet Leblond. Rivière aux Roches . Oil on Board. 34.5x43.75"

“Thinking, creating and telling a story is what I enjoyed doing. I imagine that I am there. I could be the man, woman or child that you see in my work. I enter their lives”

Ginet Leblond began art school at the age of nineteen under the guidance of Lauréanne Morneau. In addition to Morneau’s encouragement in school, Leblond received private oil instruction at artist residency La Maison Ste-Marie-des-Anges. Her training however was not limited to painting. She took sculpture lessons taught by J.P Garneau. After developing her knowledge of sculptural techniques along side Jean-Paul Garneau, Paul-André Bécotte and P.A. Tardivel, she was asked to represent female sculptors in a cast metal demonstration at St-Jean-Baptiste.

Leblond completed her Bachelor’s degree in 1987 at Laval University; after which she attended the Centre de Céramique of Sté-Foy from 1989-1990. She met her husband, Marc-André Fortin 1993, an antiquities connoisseur. Together they created works highlighting the natural beauty and potential of antiquities through refurbishing the old wood and painting unique images on the surface.

Although Leblond primarily works in the medium of painting, glimpses of her interest in sculptural techniques can be seen in her paintings today. In many of her works, the painting continues on to the frame which no longer acts as a "frame" in the traditional sense but dissolves the border between the painting and its frame.

Today, Leblond primarily works with on oil on board. Her paintings feature historical subject matter with contemporary relevance. We are captivated by Leblond's masterful rendering of the subject and time period. See her works on exhibit now at Galerie Q.


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