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Making Art Buying Accessible: Galerie Q Paintings Under $1000 Show

Making Art Buying Accessible: Galerie Q Paintings Under $1000 Show

When Robert and Signe McMichael purchased “Montreal River” by Lawren Harris in 1955, they paid just $250 for it. This was their first acquisition and since they could not afford that large sum, they paid for it in installments of $50 per month. While the couple was not exceedingly wealthy, they were true lovers of art and found a way to turn their dreams of owning a premier art collection into reality.

So why is original artwork so important?

Art critic Walter Benjamin once wrote “even the most perfect reproduction of a work of art is lacking in one element: its presence in time and space, its unique existence at the place where it happens to be.” Benjamin was concerned with authenticity, he believed that original works had a certain aura, something intrinsically linked to the artist and the materiality of paint and brush. Which is to say, that there is something invaluable about owning an original artwork, it is the ability to experience a painting in real time, as the artist had intended.


There is a common misconception that often permeates the art world narrative; owning original artwork is just a luxury reserved for elite. This is not that case, in fact owning original artwork is becoming more accessible for the average Canadian art lover.

For the first-time ever, Galerie Q is offering new and seasoned collectors the opportunity to take home exceptional pieces of art, at less that $1000 each. This makes buying original artwork accessible. Whether you are an avid art collector looking for a tasteful addition to your collection, or an art admirer looking to start your own collection, we have hand picked original works for everyone’s style, taste, and budget.

The exhibition features Canadian Master R.W Burton (1905-1983), Paule Lagacé, Yves Laran, Pierre Bédard, Daniel Brunet, Juan Cristobal, Mostafa Keyhani, Norman Brown, Valerie Kent, Henry Fernandes, Nathalie Voisine, Yvon Lemieux, Olga Muzychko, and more.

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