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From War art to Still Life: Frederick Bourchier Taylor


We are excited to acquire prominent artist Frederick Bourchier Taylor’s (1906–1987) budding still life at Galerie Q.

As a man with a myriad of talent and interest, Taylor spent much of his early years in Ottawa where he studied architecture and developed an interest in skiing and boxing. It was only after graduating in 1930, that Taylor started to pursue his passion for the arts. After finally settling in Montreal in 1937, Taylor had managed to earn a living teaching drawing at the McGill School of Architecture.

In the early years of World War II, Taylor lobbied for an official war art program for those to address their experience post war, offering an authentic glimpse into the conditions and deep emotions attached to war on the body. While Taylor never fully achieved his dream of becoming an official war artist, he devoted himself for three years to paint the diverse, taxing, and often unrecognized or under-appreciated work done by Canada’s factory workers.

Taylor still continued to paint well after the war was over. He produced some exquisite still life and landscape paintings, exhibiting his works across Quebec and Ontario. In 1960, he moved to Mexico for a change of pace and tried his hand at sculpture. Taylor passed away in San Miguel de Allende Mexico on April 1987. New to the collection, Flowering Begonia Plant offers us a rare glimpse into Taylor’s sensitivity towards the tender elements of nature. Visit us today for your first hand look at this stunning Canadian artwork. 

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