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Claude Picher Solo Exhibition

Claude Picher Solo Exhibition

Galerie Q presents the Solo Exhibition of Claude Picher (RCA 1927 - 1998).

Quebec born Picher studied at the School of Fine Arts in Quebec (1945 - 1946) before winning a scholarship from the French government allowing for him to study at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris, France. While in Paris he also attended the National Superior School of Fine Arts (1948 - 1949).

Between 1950 and 1958, Picher was the Exhibition Director at the Musée du Quebec. From there he went on to work at the National Gallery of Canada, Eastern Region (1958 - 1962) and then established himself as the Assistant Director of the Musée du Quebec (1963 - 1964). It wasn't until 1964 that Picher began his life as a full time painter.

If you've never seen the sky painted by Picher, you've been denied a wonderful sight. It's rarely just blue and white with the peak of a yellow sun but rather there are pinks swirled in with purples, layers of bright reds and dark blues, even the soft pastel work of an evening sky overlooking a wintery town.

With a preference for oil, gouache and on occasion water colour the layers created by his etchings depict Quebec countryside's, waters and small towns. His talent with a brush and canvas are a wonder to behold.

Not only a wonder, but a commodity as well. Galerie Q is very fortunate to exhibit and retail these rare Picher paintings, as they do not regularly circulate for auction, display or purchase.

Visit the Galerie to view Picher's incredible work for yourself.

The exhibition runs from January 12 until February 28. Galerie Q is open Thursday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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