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Canada’s Nation Builder's Series

Canada’s Nation Builder's Series

Artist Susan Statham chosen for Canada’s Nation Builders Series sponsored by Galerie Q

Galerie Q celebrates Canada with ʻNation Buildersʼ- a series of unique and inspiring paintings by award winning artist and author Susan Statham. The first instalment begins with a tribute to Canada’s seventh Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier (1841-1919) whose historical significance and contribution to Canada during his time as prime minister is included as an integral part of the continuation of this project series.


Artist Susan Statham composes a life-like rendering in oil with a wonderful play of light over Laurier’s right shoulder, he sits holding bound pages to represent his ʻSunny Waysʼ. Laurier’s approach to resolving conflict was inspired by Aesopʼs fable proving the sunʼs warmth offers a better resolution than the windʼs bluster. Although governments frequently rage, bellow and demand obedience, he believed it was more just and more equitable to thoroughly investigate the subject of contention, bring the parties together to examine the facts, promote compromise and work out a satisfactory solution for both sides.

A lawyer and a politician, Sir Wilfred Laurier is shown wearing a ring with the University of McGill coat of arms to commemorate his law degree and as the Prime Minister with the longest uninterrupted term, his red tie, representative of the Liberal Party, is adorned with a stylized pin indicating fifteen consecutive years.

The glass vase, placed on the eighteenth century table behind Laurier’s left hand, bears the crests and holds the provincial flowers of Alberta and Saskatchewan, both granted provincial status by Laurier in 1905. On the wall to Laurier’s left is a painting within a painting. It depicts two naval ships, the Rainbow and the Niobe, given to Canada by Britain when in 1910, Laurier created the Royal Canadian Navy. The train is travelling along the Grand Trunk railway and was part of the second transcontinental railway built from Winnipeg westward. Truly one of Canada’s greatest nation builders, Sir Wilfred Laurier encouraged immigration, settlement of the West and by the end of his term the population of Canada had increased by more than two million.

Stay Tuned for the next Prime Minister in Galerie Q’s Nation Builders project series.

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