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The Artist's Passion

The Artist's Passion

The world contains such beauty and we often forget to take a step back to observe it.

It was Hemingway that said, 'There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.' and the lasting impression of his work helps validate such a strenuous commitment. Hemingway and many others know it can be an arduous task, creating, but artists do it because it is their passion; their passion to capture life's beauty and share it with others. Whether it be painting, sculpting, writing or another medium, an artist has a process. The process helps to stimulate the imagination and at times it even provides the assistance needed to endure. An idea, or an image, may invoke in the artist the first step but the path to the final project is rarely guaranteed to be easy. In fact, the creating can fluctuate from being sheer torture to being absolute bliss. The process can be an out of this world roller coaster. But an artist's creation is their baby and in the end, worth all the joy, sweat and tears.

Not everyone may stop to smell the roses but if we have artists, we have their work to admire and through it the chance to catch a glimpse of the best our world has to offer.

Artwork by Nathalie Voisine, available at Galerie Q

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