A Love of the Landscape: Goodridge Roberts


Goodridge Roberts RCA (1904–1974) painted a series of landscapes over many years that focused on a particular site in Southwestern Québec. Working outside, Roberts would express the changing environment with energetic brushwork and less contained shapes. His intentional departure from realism allowed Roberts a way of authentically representing the site, which he had studied and grown so fond of over the years. His treatment of these long-standing themes became a kind of analogy of painting rather than an archive of the sites he had painted.

"Must the artist, like the tight-rope walker in a dream-like state of composure, yet always aware of the gulf at his feet, feel both the elation and the uneasiness? One is made forcibly aware of the tension under which one has been working by the sense of relief with which one contemplates a work well done, or of extreme dejection before a badly realized work. There is no truce in this conflict until the brushes are laid down."