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Welcome to Galerie Q

Galerie Q is a partnership between Canadian artists and the public. The art gallery provides the opportunity for artists to experience responses to their work, and for the public to increase its aesthetic awareness in the deciphering of the artist’s intent through contemplation and dialogue.

Galerie Q is a contemporary art gallery located in Cavan, Ontario, just a short drive from Toronto.  Galerie Q exhibits artworks primarily by Quebec-based contemporary artists and art masters.  The masterpieces of the "Q collection" are comprised of more than 500 pieces of art treasures by Quebec and English Canada art masters who have achieved the RCA designation.

Galerie Q is committed to the diversity of Canadian culture and discourse through the presentation of a significant collection of artwork.

Galerie Q achieves its goals through its programming of exhibitions of Canadian masters who have all achieved the designation of RCA plus selected talented emerging, mid career and senior artists who have shown mastery in the use of paint, canvas and brush.

Galerie Q presents art exhibitions with the objective of generating curiosity, revisiting history, and provoking public debate about cultural and social issues.

At Galerie Q we believe arts and culture have the power to change and influence lives and communities through education in a positive way and to create opportunities through various projects and programs. With that in mind, use of Galerie Q space is extended to provide benefits, lectures, readings and exhibits by not for profit groups whose mission reflects the objectives of Galerie Q.

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Atr Gallery Collection

Artist: Eric Goldberg
Dimension: 20" x 16"
Medium: Oil on Canvas

Daniel Froment